Consulting & Development

Serving as an objective 3rd party, implementation oversight and management, and software application development are our specialties

With over 40 years of experience in the IT field, we are well positioned to advise clients on how best to use Information Technology to accomplish business objectives. We can take a true consultancy approach and provide services based on deliverables and output, or we can base services on time and materials.

Our specialty areas include:


  • PCL will work with businesses as an objective 3rd party to provide much-needed advice and guidance. We can evaluate technology options for a client, ensure quality code, or that a system meets the requirements that have been identified. The possibilities are endless here.

System software and application software development:

  • PCL will translate the need of a client into a software product or application. Services include software engineering and software marketing if necessary. Capabilities include research, prototyping, design, development and implementation, as needed.

Program and Project Management:

  • We plan, organize and manage resources in order to bring about successful completion of a client project. A program is simply a combination of multiple client projects. Managing either is a service that is easily provided.

Staff Augmentation:

  • PCL can recruit and place resources on an as-needed basis in order to help clients reach desired goals. We maintain an extensive network of relationships that can quickly be tapped into.