Why PCL?

Before any entity retains our services, we fully expect them to pose the question “Why should we do business with you?” Quite honestly, we would be disappointed if it didn’t happen. In addition to our company philosophy, we encourage you to read some of the reasons we feel you should consider below.

  • A regular contributor to open source projects and libraries.
  • Founders of the Palmetto Open Source Software Conference, one of the largest open source events on the east coast, and the Open IT Lab, a world class facility focusing on opens source awareness, education and research & development.
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with a wide range of hardware, network/infrastructure, operating system, programming language, development tool and database technologies.
  • Extensive experience with database administration, system analysis, system programming, application programming, performance engineering, Web services and software training.
  • Extensive experience with government organization implementations

More than 20 years experience with open source software, hardware and content.