Our philosophy as a company can be summed up in 5 points:

We believe emerging technology and open source software can help organizations achieve goals and save money, and should at least be considered as an option as a result.

While certainly not the solution in every case, we strongly believe open source software will continue to gain market share in the US and around the world because of two reasons – it works and it brings down the cost of traditional IT implementations.

We are aware of the many misconceptions around emerging technology and open source software and believe most are due to a lack of education. When given serious consideration based on the merits we believe most will find OSS/FS to be more than capable of meeting and exceeding expectations.

Many OSS/FS solutions have achieved significant market share worldwide already. We believe this market share will only increase in the years ahead as budgets tighten and organizations are forced to look at cheaper alternatives while maintaining functionality, security, scalability, etc.

We understand IT fits within an overall business plan and treat it as such.

Sounds like a simple concept doesn’t it? We thought so too, until we realized most IT companies have very little understanding of business models and revenue streams.

We know the scenario – the company C-level leader (and sales) attempts to stress to the new IT vendor how the new, cool application must fit within the business model and contribute to revenue. The IT vendor, so excited to develop the new, cool application, goes head-long into the development process with stars in their eyes. The result is often something that can’t be used. It’s neat all right, and probably impressed the heck out of the guys on chat boards, but the client simply can’t use it. The C-level leader (and sales) says nasty things about IT firms and vows to avoid them at all costs in the future.

We understand IT exists to facilitate and enable the goals of your organization and not the other way around. We will make every effort to understand your specific business model and will adapt quickly.

We respect our clients and their wishes, but will always provide an honest assessment of the situation and recommend actions based on it.

We appreciate and respect our clients greatly, and that is why we will always be honest with them. We strongly feel honesty is the only way to garner true respect in the client/provider relationship. And any successful relationship is based on respect.

We know and understand that our opinion may differ from time-to-time with a client, but we also know that is to be expected in a partnership.

We will always provide an honest assessment and set of recommendations, and we will always listen.

Our focus is not the dollar.

While dollars sustain us and our families, money is not the focus of this company. We strongly feel if you provide value to the client money will follow – we’ve seen it time and time again in life and in business.

Too many times we’ve seen IT firms make recommendations based on the bottom line and how they can maximize revenue. We enjoy being a privately held company and simply refuse to operate in this manner.

Dollars are nice, but our integrity and reputations are worth far more.

We believe in community involvement and helping our neighbor.

We are proud to say that our belief in community involvement and helping our neighbor permeates nearly everything we do at Palmetto Computer Labs. We simply feel helping others is worthy of our time and many of our projects and after-business-hour endeavors reflect this. If you ever want to excite us or talk about something other than IT, we encourage and invite anyone and everyone to call us and have a discussion about the things we’re doing – or tell us about the things your doing. Better yet, come on down and volunteer some time with us. There is no better endeavor than helping your neighbor.